Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Kickoff and going Euro

There is more going on at Power On Coaching in 2011 than ever and I can't believe how well the year has started.  I've welcomed several new clients into the fold and with them we'll be going after all sorts of goals.  Two new athletes are aiming squarely at my very own Trans-Sylvania Epic 7 Day Mountain Bike Stage Race, another is using the mtb to further establish his Spanish MTB Import Biz at events throughout España (much like we're doing in the States with Team TSE p/b Stan's NoTubes), another is targeting 100 mile events in the NUE Series throughout the season and a fourth shooting for success in women's road and crit events throughout the Mid-Atlantic while a fifth new rider has recently relocated to a new job and state and is facing the unknown while starting her quest for success in the south central USA.  With several athletes also re-igniting the training impetus after recharging the batteries January has been busy!

Another new Power On Athlete is an old friend looking to get back into a sport he loves and prepare, to start, for some wicked cool local events run by Kermesse Sport.  This guy also happens to be the man behind a cycling website that does a great job mixing news with real and tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek analysis of all that is good in Euro racing.  If you've not yet seen it, Whit's Pavé Blog is a hoot and well worth a daily visit.

In working through Whit's 2011 plan which starts with the local Hell of Hunterdon, Fool's Classic, and the new Fleche Buffoon (so new it doesn't have a site yet; the link takes you to BikeReg) we started talking about how there are a lot of riders in the region that could have a great time doing these rides which offer up a feel for the European spring campaign.  That's the sort of riding we both love and Whit thought it would be great to work with Brian over at Kermesse Sport and put together a training plan or two focused on these events. We'll be introducing those in the near future on Pavé.

But Whit kept going with the ideas and due to his scooping of Belgian pro team jerseys (which resulted in cease and desist letters from Euro goons) and a general joie de vivre he's been attracting more and more interest from across the pond.  With an easily seen love of the spring classics and some English folks (and English speakers from around the continent) tuned in it turns out that some of readers are headed to the Flanders Sportive and the Roubaix Challenge - 155-165 K rides that allow the average Joe to dream of glory while working through the same cobbles and bergs on which the pros do battle each spring!  (Whit and I are already working on plans to go next spring...)  Any guesses where this is headed?

That's right, Pavé Blog and Power On Coaching have teamed up to offer a Flanders/Roubaix training plan.  I'm very excited about this offering.  I believe the very best way to prepare specifically for an event is to do so through a personalized training plan specific to an individual but I'm ecstatic to offer up a well designed very affordable plan that is focused on the exacting demands of these events and designed to help athletes have a great day on the cobbles. 

The Flanders/Roubaix plan is suited to riders taking on either or both events and while not designed to peak a rider for either it will bring them to a new level of fitness and focus for these "rides."  While these are not races, how could one not push it when attacking the roads on which legends have been created?  The plan is designed with this sort of effort in mind - you're likely to go hard either by way of friendly competition or due to the demands of the course itself.  The plan is best suited to athletes who have been readying themselves with at least 4-8 weeks of riding prior to starting this plan.  Those with less base mileage in their legs can still make use of this plan, but must be very careful to not overdo - the workouts do involve intensity from the start as there are only 10 weeks to go (9 until Flanders). 

If you would like more information on the plan please contact me at and don't forget to mention Pavé Blog for 15% off.  If reading about these events has motivated you to start right now and the "Pavé Plan" is not a good match then contact me and we'll prepare you personally -- and I'll happily give you that Pavé percentage off.

Enjoy the ride!