Coaching Philosophy

Stop! Have you considered why you’re on the Power On website? Clearly, you’re a motivated individual driven towards improving your athletic performance. Whether you want to learn how to ride a bike, cross the line at a local race, or win an international event, searching for a coach demonstrates your passion for excellence. 

Your drive serves as the foundation of the Power On Coaching philosophy. As experienced coaches, we observe that athletes are highly motivated individuals. We also observe that many never reach their potential, failing to focus their energy in a productive way. The job of the Power On team is to help you recognize your passion and teach you to use it to your advantage. We will focus your mental and physical energy so that you achieve success.

How will you achieve your goals? As Power On Coaches, we concern ourselves with the two key aspects of this question. The first is the subject, you. As an athlete, you are a human being living an extraordinary life. In your desire to become a more capable person, you choose to complicate your busy schedule by creating time to work out. This, we know. Beyond this common thread, however, athletes are individuals who vary greatly in regards to their goals, time restraints, family life, nutrition choices, and overall lifestyle. To help you achieve your goal, we find it necessary to engage in an ongoing, unrestricted conversation with you. We love to coach athletes who communicate frequently by way of training peaks, email, phone, texts, face book, carrier pigeon, smoke signals, ect. It is through frequent communication that we can best coach you while you get the most out of your experience.   

After your Power On coach gets to know you, he begins to focus on the how.  How will you achieve your goals? Based on your personal information and desires, he will design an individualized plan focused on your needs as an athlete. You will have access to this plan via your own training peaks account, an online site equipped with your annual training plan and your weekly schedule. Your coach will create your plan weekly and carefully track your daily workout logs. These logs help your coach design and modify future workouts, equipping you with what you need to meet your goals.  


Contact Information: 

Multisport Specialist, Jon Fecik:
Branford, CT


Road/Cross/MTB Specialist, Mike Kuhn
Harrisburg, PA


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