Meet the Coaches

 Jon Fecik:
I've been a triathlete for over 10 years and I live and breath the sport. When I began my athletic journey, I thought that living as an athlete meant getting in big workouts and competing a few times a year. Now that I have participated in over 50 triathlons, trained for over 30 hours in a week, and completed the Ironman World Championship, I've realized it's much more than that. Living as an athlete is a life approach. It requires a relentless awareness of your body, mind, and environment. It requires an unwavering desire to live and adapt, rest and grow.

Presently, I'm racing as a professional triathlete. 

In addition to training, I'm a full time USA triathlon certified coach and enjoy it tremendously. There's nothing quite like seeing the individuals I coach grow as athletes and human beings. I've received a BS in Heath Science Studies--with a focus in exercise physiology and the aging process-- and a BA in English from Quinnipiac University. I've also achieved a Masters in Arts at Duquesne University. I strongly believe that my education sets me a part from many other coaches. My foundation allows me to educate my athletes about themselves from an acute, biological point of view, helping to prevent sickness and injury. It has also equipped me to coach older athletes who are battling age specific challenges such as sarcopinia, or the natural deterioration of the muscles due to aging.   
More of my personal coaching philosophy:

I strongly believe that athletes are whole and resourceful. What this means is that I assume that the athletes that I coach are inherently motivated and capable of finding ways to become better athletes on their own. My role as a coach, then, is to expedite this process. I do this in three ways. First, I provide athletes with the environment and structure that will help them become faster. This involves engaging in an ongoing conversation about training and racing with the athlete so that I can modify his or her training plan to fit his or her individual needs. Ultimately, I direct an athlete's physical and mental energy in a productive direction. Second, I educate the athletes I coach about their resources and how to use these resources to their advantage. I use websites, youtube videos, and articles to help athletes understand how to move and the implications of moving in particular ways. To help an athlete improve his or her swim technique, for instance, I might introduce him or her to and and explain the underlying swim smooth and total immersion swimming philosophies. I might then help the athlete decide which approach to swimming is best for him or her depending on that athlete's skill level and goals.Third, I remind the athletes that I coach of the bigger picture. There are always going to be times when an athlete gets caught up in the details and has a hard time remembering his or her goals. I’m here to help remind Power On coached athletes of their goals and to pull the motivation out of them.  

You might think of me as a college professor. Whereas a high school teacher might hold your hand every step of the way, a college professor provides you with the work, allows you to explore what you want on your own, listens/looks for your challenges, and provides you with more work to help support your growth. Likewise, I provide you with a schedule on trainingpeaks, closely track your progress and challenges through your daily training log/talking to you on the phone, and respond by providing you with workouts that will help you actualize your potential. 
Quick Notes
-USAT Certified Level I Coach
-6 years Coaching Experience
-11 Years of Triathlon Experience
-Professional Triathlete
-Head Coach for 100+ member C3 triathlon club
-BS in Health Science Studies
-BA in English
-Masters in English with a focus on Health and the Body through Time
-Qualified and completed the 70.3 World Championships
-Qualified and completed Ironman World Championships in Kona
-IM- 9 hour 15 minute PR IM Chattanooga 2014 
-70.3 4:15 PR performance EagleMan 2012
-Olympic- 1:52:37 PR performance NYC Tri 2014
-Marathon-2:53 PR performance

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Mike Kuhn:
I've been part of cycling and cycling has been a part of me for more than 20 years. I live and breathe the sport.  In my close to 15 years of coaching I have been incredibly lucky to work with some of the world's best coaches as both an athlete and mentee.  I've also been lucky enough to work with some incredibly dedicated and motivated athletes.  It is through these experiences, continual learning and my own competitive history that I've developed my philosophy and approach to coaching.

My focus is on promoting some of the best endurance sports races in the country and coaching people who want to reach and exceed their goals through one-on-one coaching with no limitations and offering camps to build fitness and develop skills; helping athletes go places they never thought possible. 

My competitive history runs across road, cross and mountain bike race disciplines where I am one of a rather small number of athletes to have achieved elite status in all three disciplines.

As a coach I've worked with hundreds of people to reach many different goals including:
A 60 year old woman focused on life long fitness 
A 2x US National 24 Hour MTB Solo Series Champion
A Jr US World Championship Team Member and National STXC Series Champ
A lawyer with a very heavy travel schedule and parent of 3 to go faster in his favorite Gran Fondo
A member of the USA's ITU Olympic Long Team
Multiple Masters and Sr Road and Mountain Bike Racers of all levels
An ITU Off-Road Tri Age Group World Champ
A first time IM racer
An IM World Champ Qualifier
Mountain Bike Stage Racers and 100 Mile competitors
A first time marathon runner
Even an alpinist getting ready for an assault on Mt McKinley

My athletes range dramatically in age, ability and experience.  All have different strengths and weaknesses; different opportunities and limitations and much much different demands on their time.  Every one of them has different goals.  Understanding how to make the most of their time and balancing their training with their lives is the key to helping them reach and exceed those goals.  In 15 years of coaching I've yet to meet an athlete I have not helped progress in his or her sport.  

 These day, in addition to coaching cycling and multisport athletes of all levels I'm the father of two boys under 4, husband to an wonderful women who mostly puts up with me and the promoter of national level cycling events such as Iron Cross and the Trans-Sylvania Epic Mountain Bike Stage Race.

I'm proud of my results from my time as an athlete but my motivation these days is for my athlete's success and helping them earn their own medals!

Update: As of summer 2012 I've started training again with an eye on hitting up some 100's in 2013 and maybe the US National MTB Championships next year.  It is going to be a long road back, but I'm looking foward to it!