Training Options and Personal Instruction

Training Options

To be frank, it's challenging to put a price on a coaching service. Some coaches have over 60 athletes at a time which allows them to drop their price. With that many athletes, however, the details fall through the cracks. Power On coaches believe that details matter. Thus, we limit ourselves to coaching no more than 30 athletes at a time. This allows us to form closer relationships with our athletes through regular communication. You can be assured that we will  help you achieve and exceed your goals.

With that said, we have three training options:

Power On I: Coaching and training plan
Power On II: Coaching with file analysis, training plan, plus one monthly one-on-one workout
Power On III: Small Block Schedule

There are two main differences between the first and second option. We will utilize your power meter in both plans, however; only under option II will we analyze your training files daily. Secondly, option II includes a monthly one-on-one which can be rolled over for one month.

Power On I: E-mail Jon for pricing at
Power On II:  E-mail Jon for pricing at 

Why the increased charge for the Multipsort options? Plain and simple, it takes significantly more time to plan for multisport then it does for a single sport. 

Contact us at to get started on your plan!  We will sit down with you to discuss your training and goals.


Having been approached by a number of dedicated athletes looking for something a little different than the offerings listed above we've decided to provide an option that creates a personalized training plan, but at a lower cost.  This is primarily for experienced athletes who have a deep understanding of training and function on a tight budget. Our solution is the following "small-block" plan.

Available in blocks of 12 weeks, these plans start the same as the month-to-month plans with an in-depth interview with the athlete, addressing all the information needed to build a custom plan.  These plans differ from the other options in that they are delivered as a one-time block and do not include on-going communication or analysis in the cost.  The major benefit to this sort of plan is that it is still designed completely around you, your goals, your strengths and weaknesses, your schedule, your life, your past training, your target event and the demands of that event but offers the lower cost option.  A Power On Small Block Plan just may be perfect if you do not need as much interaction with your coach. 

However, our preferred method of coaching includes communicating closely with our athletes on a regular basis.  We feel that athletes receive an increased benefit from coaching when we can respond to and/or anticipate issues that may arise. Do note, we take the same care and attention in building out these small block plans as we do in building out the training for Power On 1 and 2 athletes.  This as an excellent option for the right athlete.  Please contact us directly to get started or fill out the questionnaire on this site!

Small Block Plan Fees:
12 weeks: $250 ($350 for triathletes) or $30/week

Small Block Plan Notes: 
  • Small Block Plans must be paid in full at sign up.
  • The standard Initiation and Activation fee applies for Small Block Plans as the initial consultation is the same as it is for Power On 1 and 2 plans.
  • A follow up call to explain any questions you may have about the plan is included after you've had a chance to look over the plan. 
  • Additional consultations and modifications to the plan may be made and further contact during the training block is available based on an hourly fee.  
  • Discussion of your training while on a small block plan may be included on personal rides at no additional charge to the personal ride fee. 
  • Testing is strongly recommended at the start of these plans. 

Additional Notes Regarding all Power On Training Programs:

Initiation and Activation Fee: $100 (waived with a 1 year commitment, year must be paid in full at time of sign up)  This is charged in conjunction with your first month of training.

All monthly fees are due on the first of each month.  Athletes signing up mid-month will be charged a pro-rated amount for the initial month. 

We ask for a minimum 3 month commitment.  It takes a bit of time for you to get to know your coach and learn and understand your program and workouts.  We find that after 3 months no one wants to leave.

Initial power based testing or field test analysis is available and recommended when starting your training program.  Contact us for details. 

Personal Instruction

Looking for an opportunity to accelerate your learning curve dramatically on your road or mountain bike?  Want to potentially shave minutes from your bike split in your next tri?  Want to rip the corners faster than ever in your next 'cross race? Want to feel more at home on your bike - as if it is one with you?  Want to be faster in one ride?   A personal ride with me is the way to accomplish this and more.

The typical personal ride takes 1-3 hours and we'll cover all sorts of riding techniques for various situations or focus on one specific aspect of riding depending on what you need and want to achieve.  Whether you ride a road, mountain, tri or 'cross bike a personal ride is one of the most effective ways to help you reach and even exceed your goals.

Rate:  $75/hr; 6 hrs for $270; 12 hrs for $480

Contact me to schedule some personal instruction and be faster today (or whenever we get in that ride)!

Jon Fecik