Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mid-Summer Update -

With all that's gone on in the last 6 months around here it sure has passed quickly!  Too bad I haven't taken the opportunity to update you on the all the good stuff though as there has been a ton.  Instead, we'll wrap it up quick and move on! 

The big happening was, of course, the Trans-Sylvania Epic.  We put a ton of work into that puppy and it came off great again - and work is already under way on year 3 to make it better again.

I had five athletes going after TSE in addition to getting the event promotion and keeping it rolling throughout. TSE was a big target not only for those athletes, but for the whole Bringing Endurance Goodness joint/Power On too.

Our early season camps were a great success and we're working on winter and spring training camps for 2012. South Carolina was a blast with the riding and weather both excellent for the whole trip. With Paris Mountain literally out our back door at camp, Mt Mitchell a short drive away and Caesars Head within riding distance it really is a sweet location not far from our home base. Look for at least one trip to South Carolina, maybe two - and yes, it is that good - next spring!

The Endurance MTB Camp in State College was a suburb long weekend of killer riding to help racers prep for the coming slate of endurance events. Not only was the riding stellar but we were joined by the inimitable Sue Haywood who willing lent her expertise to all those in attendance and was also using the camp to prep for TSE and summer endurance events herself. (Thanks for coming out Sue!)

I also took part as a coach in two regional development camps this spring.  The Mid-Atlantic MTB camp went off in late March and I had great fun again this year at this annual Michaux weekend put on by Fast Forward Racing.  More recently I had the opportunity to coach at the USAC Mid-Atlantic Jr Devo Camp at DeSales University where 30 young talented racers come in for a week of skills and technique focused instruction.  We did a bit of athlete identification work for the Fed and introduced many of them to the velodrome for the first time during the week as well.

While we're on the topic, we're contemplating a few new camps.  It is apparent that there is a need for more camps focused on new riders and those who aren't race focused.  The basis for a camp like this would be less about mileage and more about technique, confidence, handling and how-tos.  We're working out the details for these and plan to launch several in 2012. Everyone from Cat 3s and 4s to century riders to Sunday morning social riders can benefit from camps like these - not only are they about allowing you to go faster, but you'll learn greater control and that means safer riding experiences.

TSE wasn't the only race promo on the schedule either as we kicked off the Mid-Atlantic Super Series with the International Intergalactic Global Open Relay in April and enjoyed another great year at the Oesterling Farm.  Unfortunately the farm was hit with a tornado just before Memorial Day so we had to cancel our traditional summer event we've held there the last 8 years.

The Rattling 50 and Iron Cross weekends are coming up quickly so break time from the events side of things is over - come out and join us for one of these racer favorites

Of course, all along our athletes have been preparing for their big events and meeting with great success along the way and we'll touch on that more next time!